Introducing a new special show Feature- Traditional American Artisans & Folk Artists

For over 30 years, the Nashville Show (known for years as Tailgate and Music Valley shows respectively) has celebrated our collective material cultural heritage.  It has a rich tradition of being one of the country’s most celebrated antiques events and along with Heart of Country, holds a special place in the hearts of many who love Americana, Folk Art and many related categories.


We were recently approached by a group of extremely talented artisans.  This group is dedicated to preserving the techniques and styles of traditional artisans- whose efforts have been celebrated in our show since its’ inception years ago.  One of our goals as a show is to continue to foster the appreciation of all things related to Americana and Folk Art- past and present.  We certainly must strive to make sure that appreciation is passed down to future generations of customers, new vendors and artisans alike.


It is in that spirit that we are proud to announce a new special section for the Nashville Show.  It will be called- Folk Artists and Traditional Artisans and will feature a select group of contemporary artisans working with time honored techniques and skills.  It is an important acknowledgement of the necessity of keeping those great traditional American art forms alive, relevant and inspiring future generations to do the same.  It seems disingenuous to celebrate only their historical contributions without fostering and promoting current practitioners. 


We feel this will be a great addition to our existing lineup and is very much in line with the addition of the Vintage Marketplace some 5 years ago.  Our goal in doing so is to make sure that as both a show and industry we continue to innovate how we present ourselves to new generations of customers.